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Behind the scenes

Margin Dot Press is co-owned and co-operated by Bill Seamon and Jessie Sams; Angie Halim serves as the legal consultant.

Bill Seamon
people-pg_WillMy road to publishing came about through my love for coaching baseball. About the same time my daughter, Jessie, decided to start a publishing company, I was working on writing a book on coaching baseball. We decided to work together on the book and, ultimately, the publishing company. I’m excited to work alongside both my daughters as we help other authors meet their own publishing goals. My role in the company is that of distributor and financial and marketing executive.

Jessie Sams
My lifelong dedication to learning led me to stay in school for as long as I could, resulting in a PhD in Linguistics with electives taken in everything from neuroscience to teaching pedagogy to Chinese. While my first love is studying language (especially the English language and all its quirks), I am also drawn toward history, sports, the sciences, and any combination of those subjects. As an academic, I have been a part of the publishing process as an author, which inspired me to start a journey toward becoming more involved with the processes that go on behind the scenes. My primary goals in co-founding Margin Dot Press are (1) to help authors who have ideas for solid books and the background to write them but want guidance throughout the publishing process to make it a less daunting journey, and (2) to provide readers with books that make knowledge accessible. My role in Margin Dot Press includes editing and layout design. You can email Jessie by Clicking Here

Angie Halim
I have been an avid reader and collector of books for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always thought my profession would involve books; as a lawyer, I suppose a big part of my occupation does, in fact, involve frequent references to books. Working with a publishing company, however, involves books in a much more satisfying way–a way I had always envisioned. It is rewarding to help turn an author’s vision and words into a book that will teach or guide readers. I take special pride in working for a small, family-owned and -operated company that provides not only the highest level of service, but a full range of services that will take a manuscript from start to finish.