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If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for publication with Margin Dot Press, you need to submit the following in the body of an email (please do not send an attachment—attachments will not be opened); you can submit the email through our Submission Form.

Information about yourself

?Include your name, background, and qualifications for writing your book. In providing your background, please include only relevant information. If, for instance, you are writing a book about football coaching, it is helpful to include that you have a degree in the sports psychology but not so helpful to include information about all the awards you won as a classical pianist.

In this section, also include information about ideas you have for promoting your book and about your activity in the field. If you’re the president of a coaches organization, that recognition can help in selling your book on coaching.

Information about the book

Provide a summary of the book, a table of contents, and five pages of text from the book. Even if the book is not entirely complete, still include a proposed table of contents (the important thing is the title of the chapters/sections—not the page numbers) and five pages of text. The five pages do not need to be the first five pages of the book, but they should be able to stand alone well enough that we can follow what you’re saying without needing a great deal of background.

Also include the estimated number of pages for your book, as well as any information about graphics/photos/illustrations that will be necessary for the book.

Information about the market

Include the anticipated market for you book, as well as any competition for the book. In this section, think about who will read your book and about other books that cover the same (or nearly the same) topic. Let us know how your book is different and will stand out in the market.